Exhibition: Richard Maurovic

Near McMahons Point


Masterpiece@IXL Fine Art Gallery is proud to announce the coming of age of a painter whose work is gaining widespread recognition.

Richard Maurovic has overcome devastating injury to produce an impressive body of paintings depicting the man-made world of today in a style that has been praised by Jeffrey Smart, Australia’s leading ‘Precisionist’ painter:

“Richard Maurovic is a living testament to the victory of “mind over matter”.
“Despite great difficulties, he has produced an impressive body of work.
“Buon lavoro, Richard!”

The creative urge can be powerful enough to overcome almost any adversity. Monet, for example, painted masterpieces despite his failing sight; crippled by arthritis, Renoir produced his best work; and Vincent van Gogh’s life was a battle with inner demons.

A horse-riding accident in 1986 left Richard Maurovic a quadriplegic. He started painting full time in 1989; unable to hold a brush or a pencil, he straps them to his wrists to paint works of startling clarity and detail in watercolour and acrylics.

The exhibition opens at 6:00pm on Friday June 4 at the Masterpiece@IXL Fine Art Gallery and continues until Saturday June 19.

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